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EH18 logo
File:EH18 setup
Begins 2018-03-30
Ends 2018-04-02
Venue Vogel Convention Center Würzburg
Location(s) Würzburg
Country Germany
Next event Easterhegg2019
Participants PhilmacFLy, Agh, mirwi, christian, ...

The third Easterhegg for the Chaosvermittlung (Chaos Field Phone Exchange). This time we had a nice set up with public field telephones and some custom end points. All connections within the Hackcenter used direct wiring, beyond that, tunneling through in house wiring was involved. Several spare lines to multiple points in the Hackcentre were deployed for potential "custom" connections. View were actually used, We started to mark public phones with our new yellow/black post markers (see images below) to build up "corporate identity". Due to the change in POC (DECT) infrastructure, we no longer got analogue phone lines to connect to them. This was replaced by a SIP FritzBox setup, that provided tree analogue lines for DECT interconnectivity. The usage of the field phone system was very low. The reason for this was partially, that most phones were in visible / hearing distance. Lesson learned: Austrian field telephones are not ideal as public phones, as their ring sound does not register as "a telephone is ringing" with uninitiated users. Most active work was done explaining the system and demonstrating the operation. As spreading the knowledge and awareness is one of the goals of participating at such events, this is considered a success. Feedback up to now has always been very positive and rewarding. However, we have to work on the operator coverage for future events, to increase the reliability of the service.

Deployed material:

  • 1 30-connection exchange
  • 1 Analoge Telephone (3-connections via SIP) exchange
  • 11 field telephones
  • very roughly 200 meter multicore-line with (3-4 twin-wires) and 200 meter field wire

Provided Services

By now, this can be considered as our "standard" services:

End points

  • CCC-AC
  • F3L
  • Kids space
  • smoking area
  • Lounge
  • 4x public phone in Hackcenter
  • CERT


Exchange, public and demo phones at EH18