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Welcome at the "Chaosvermittlung", the chaos field phone exchange

The "Chaosvermittlung" is a loose group of people playing around with vintage field telephone technology. We aim at providing field phone infrastructure at certain events of the Chaos Computer Club or similar. We partly claim the right of the uninitiated and set out to discover this fascinating technology in our own way. We use it as a play ground for experimentation and combine it with the technical toys of our days.
Although the name is German, we are not limited by that. Everyone is welcome to participate in any form. Whether you just want to help out as an operator at the exchange during an event or if you want to get deeply involved. It's all up to you. Go get in touch with us, we are just a crank away!

Sub projects
  • Sidechannel Supplementary field phone connections for the end points of the Seidenstrasse pneumatic tube system.
  • C-Systems (called Datachannel before) DSL over field wire.
Gear (standard)

This is the realm to collect all knowledge about our standard equipment "as it is". Everything that is helpful for maintenance and operation of the stuff.


Here we cover all the things we come up with on our own. Things we build, modifications we do on the standard equipment, any special hardware configurations, chaotic operation procedures we might develop, and so on...

Image galeries

Images of gear in the wild.