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EH19 logo
EH19 setup.jpeg
Begins 2018-04-19
Ends 2018-04-22
Venue Campus Gußhaus, „Das neue EI“
Location(s) Wien
Country Austria
Next event Easterhegg2020
Participants PhilmacFLy, Agh, mirwi, christian, ...

The fourth Easterhegg for the Chaosvermittlung (Chaos Field Phone Exchange). This time we only used our own wiring, as using the house wiring was not possible for it was mainly glas. One highlight were the 4 telephones on the sixth floor which were also directly wired via 800m spools. Even though the Event was very dispersed (with the hackcenter divided in 3 parts and beeing on the ground floor and the party and breakfast area being on the sixth floor) the usage of our phones was pretty low. Also there were no private fieldphones of any hackerspaces this time. Because of one of our endpoints beeing named "Sonnendeck" a lot of other endpoints got named after things in the song "Sonnendeck" by "PeterLicht". All Endpoints had a piece of paper stating the direction of the next fieldphone and how its called.

Deployed material:

  • 1 30-connection exchange
  • 1 Analoge Telephone (2-connections via SIP) exchange
  • 15 field telephones
  • very roughly 500 meter of wire in several forms

Provided Services

By now, this can be considered as our "standard" services:

End points

  • 3x demo phones at the exchange
  • Chaospost
  • Radar I & II
  • Terasse I & II
  • Sonnendeck
  • Kontaktraum
  • Hinterzimmer
  • Aquarium
  • Solarium
  • Meer
  • Gletscher