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Special services player v1

special services player v1

The predecessor of this device was the simple audio input plus an MP3 player, as used at GPN16.

This device now was meant to be much further developed hardware wise, but some difficulties and time constraints resulted in the "special services player" for the 33c3 to be just another makeshift temporary solution that can be seen on the right.

You can see the housed RaspberryPI, a first generation model B, two USB sound cards and the array of six audio transformers plus coupling capacitors for the individual signal lines. During 33c3 the channels were used about like this:

  • Output 1
 left:  line hold music - tune 1
 right: line hold music - tune 2
  • Output 2
 left:  talking clock - all available voices
 right: talking clock - only German voices
  • Output 3
 left:  dummy music, was planned for adult content but did not get used
 right: -, not used this time

Hopefully, there will be a service player v2 that takes this approach somewhat further.