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34c3 - plugwat
Begins 2017-12-27
Ends 2015-12-30
Venue CCL
Location(s) Leipzig
Country Germany
Next event 35c3
Participants PhilmacFLy, Agh, mirwi, christian, Grossi, MikeTsenatek; geplant Marove,


34C3 was the _____ event where Chaosvermittlung built up a field telephone exchange. The original idea was to provide a so-called "sidechannel" to the Silkroad that was built up at 32C3. The Chaosvermittlung team ran cables along the Silkroad's tubes and positioned field telephones at its endpoints. People who wanted to send capsules over the Silkroad were then able to directly talk to the operator for him to suck the capsule in.

Due to good public response during 34C3, the team of Chaosvermittlung had the idea to plan and deploy a complete and separate field telephone network at the future CCC-related events.