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EH17 logo.png
File:EH17 setup
Begins 2017-04-14
Ends 2017-04-17
Venue Willy-Brandt-Halle
Location(s) Mühlheim am Main (bei Frankfurt)
Country Germany
Next event Easterhegg2018
Participants PhilmacFLy, Agh, mirwi, christian, Grossi, ...

The second Easterhegg for the Choasvermittlung (Chaos Field Phone Exchange). We set up a basic field phone configuration and had the DSL service in real use for the first time - with great success!

We got a new enthusiastic supporter, as you can tell by watching the CyberMorningshow(German only).

Deployed material:

  • 1 30-connection exchange
  • 1 Analoge Telephone (4-connections) exchange
  • 1 8-port DSLAM
  • 14 field telephones
  • 400 meter backbone (multicore-line with 3-4 twin-wires) and 300 meter field wire

Provided Services

This year we've provided a lot more services than last year:

End points

(incomplete list)

  • CCC-AC
  • Front door (smoking area)
  • Foyer
  • 2x outside
  • 2x camp ground (including DSL!)
  • 1x close to camp ground
  • Lounge
  • workshop area