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33c3 logo.png
33c3 setup.jpg
Begins 2016-12-27
Ends 2016-12-30
Venue CCH
Location(s) Hamburg
Country Germany
Next event 34c3
Participants PhilmacFLy, Agh, Marove, mirwi, christian, Grossi, ...

Just like last year, we attended again at the 33C3 and provided the service of the Choasvermittlung (Chaos Field Phone Exchange). This year we've just brought a little bit more stuff to the congress. This is what has been deployed (there was more...):

  • 2 30-connection exchange
  • 2 Telephone (4-connections) exchange
  • 2 10-connection exchanges dedicated for the Sidechannel
  • All in all 20 field telephones (13 borowed and 7 own ones)
  • 450 meter backbone (multicore-line with 3-4 twin-wires) and 800 meter field wire

Provided Services

This year we've provided a lot more services than last year:

Connected Assemblies

(incomplete list)

  • CBase
  • Seidenstraße
  • Mainframe
  • CERT
  • Binary Kitchen
  • Fablab Nürnberg


33c3-eindruecke-1.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-2.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-3.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-4.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-5.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-6.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-7.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-9.jpg 33c3-eindruecke-10.jpg